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Picking it Up: Resource Gathering

Hey everyone. We have set up a new DISCORD SERVER. It is the best way to keep up with the latest updates and news about Critter Cove. Join up and feel free to say hi.


Today we'll talk a little bit about resource gathering in Critter Cove. I'm pretty sure that everyone who has ever played a RPG before is well aware of the basics of how resource gathering works. Run around the world, see stuff, and pick it up.

The gathered items will be used for a wide variety of different things.

  • Selling - The base thing that gathered items can be used for is to just earn money. Taking the items to a shop keeper will be a good way to earn extra coin. Different shop keeper have different needs and some will offer better prices than others.

  • Collections - The Royal Museum of Happy Harbor wants to fill their exhibits and need help to do so. There is a very large number of different types of collections requiring all sorts of items from the common ones to the very rare and difficult to find.

  • Buying Items - The critter shop keepers love to barter and do not just want coin for their goods. They often will require other odds and ends to complete transactions.

  • Upgrades - Ships, shops and a large number of town structures will be upgradable. Gathered resources will be used in the performance of all those things.

  • Rewards/Gifts - Critters will often want to get different items to help them fulfill a desire they have. Also discovering what a critter likes will help make a perfect gift to maximize friendship bonuses.


Some items are buried in the sand and can only be recovered with a shovel to dig them up. These items are usually more valuable and can include large cargo crates or treasure chests. Cargo crates don't go into the player's inventory and must be stored within the player ship's cargo hold. In order to collect these items, they must be carried back to the ship, but since you are the captain you'll always be able to order one of your crew mates to carry the bulky objects for you.

Treasure chest contain highly valuable and rare goods. Often times they are the rewards for following a treasure map but you'll still be able to come across them in the world and uncover them. More information on chests and treasure maps will come in the future.

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