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  • Eli Holding

Meet the Critters

Hello again everyone. I thought this time I would show off some of the NPCs we will have in our game. We want the NPCs in Critter Cove to play a very significant role in the game. Not only can they be crew mates on your ship, they are also central to most in game activities, from crafting to trading.

Olivia, Sammi, and Pokee

Each critter has a different personality. This affects their reactions to the player, as well as, gives them different likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams. Through the course of game play, the player will have the opportunity to befriend each of them by getting them special gifts, doing special character specific quests for them, and helping them achieve their dreams. In turn, the will help the player explore the world and give them rewards that are only available from them.

Mort and Lamps

We went with a (hopefully) cute character design. Exaggerated features and big expressive faces. We also plan on doing a number of non-traditional sort of characters. Instead of just doing standard animals, we will also have fantasy types and more. For example, Mort is a chupacabra.


In other news, we have set up a brand new Discord server so that we can communicate directly with everyone interested in the progress of Critter Cove. Come and join us!


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