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Happy Harbor Update and 3D Buildings

Just wanted to do a quick update today about the progress of Happy Harbor, our demo island. More details about what the demo will entail will come out soon but everything is moving right along at a healthy clip and we should have it in a playable state very soon.

For now, here is some of the great work that our artist, Christine, has been doing with the shops and houses of the village. Her goal was to make buildings that are fun, interesting and memorable. I think she really hit her goal. They still need to be textured but even grey boxed they really show off the style we are going for.


Happy Harbor's Bait Shop for all your fishing needs. Going with the nautical theme of the game, the ship really make a nice location for everything fishing. Will also be the location where the player will be able to join fishing contests and upgrade their gear.


The tavern is easy to spot since it is shaped like a giant keg. Meet other villager and hire crew members for your ship here. In the evenings traveling entertainers will perform here.


The general store stays with the nautical theme and resembles and upside down boat. The windows all have an emission shader on them so they will "turn on" in the evenings which really gives night scenes a good look.


When the player first arrives in Happy Harbor the lighthouse isn't working. Lamps, the lighthouse keeper, needs help getting it back up and running.


Examples of the houses that villagers will live in on the island. Each villager will have unique interiors to their own house. The player will be able to help each of these villagers decorate their house. But since each villager has their own unique tastes, the player will have to figure out what they like and dislike.


That's it for today. If you like what we are doing please follow and share anywhere you can. And is you haven't already sign up for our EMAIL LIST. We don't spam and it is the best way to stay informed about Critter Cove. Every little bit of promotion helps and we are eternally grateful for your support. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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