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Characters of Critter Cove

Its been a while since our last update. Still hard at work on the demo island and making steady progress. Biggest milestone passed is all the objects for the island have been modeled. YAY! Most of them still need to be textured but it is great to not be using default boxes for everything anymore.

We also have made some great strides on a number of our systems: fishing, digging, tree shaking, upgraded movement, inventory, etc. They are all playable but still need polish before they are ready for prime time. Oh yeah, our characters are starting to talk!

NPC interaction is a major part of the game and getting them to communicate with the player in a fun manner is of utmost importance. Next step is loads more depth and getting them to ask favors of the player. After that we will be working on getting NPCs to react to what is going on around them and to what the player is doing.

Speaking of characters. Let's take a look at some of the characters of Critter Cove.



Pokee has a prickly personality. We always liked how the original Animal Crossing had villagers who could be rude, mean, and sometimes just plain awful. It made for fun conversations and wanted to make sure we had characters like that in Critter Cove. Plus they are always more rewarding to befriend.



Renard is the owner of the general store on Critter Cove. He is trying to become a member of the Royal Order of Merchants and will recruit the player to help him out with whatever scheme he happens to come up with.



Lamps is an odd lemur. He might believe in all sorts of crazy theories; like Bigfoots are the primary cause for missing socks, but his heart is in the right place. Even if he did manage to break Critter Cove's lighthouse.



This salty ex-pirate is now in charge of Critter Cove's Port Office. He handles the trade coming into or heading out of town. He also just so happens to have an old ship for sale. When not working, Anchor can be found in the tavern telling mostly appropriate tales of his seafaring days.


That's it for now. We will have lots more in the future since we are creeping ever closer to getting our demo island into a playable state. Thanks for reading!

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