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What is Critter Cove?

Critter Cove is a life sim where you are trying to build a ruined city into a thriving port town. You take on the role of a ship's captain, sail around visiting exotic new locations, and meet fun characters.

What platforms will Critter Cove be on?

We will initially be on the PC. But will take it to as many platforms as we can, including the Switch, PlayStation and Xbox One.

When will Critter Cove be released?

There is no release date yet. Best answer is that it will be done when it is done but we are working extremely hard to make it sooner rather than later.

Can I help?

Of course you can help! Tell everyone about Critter Cove. One of the hardest things to do in game development is to get noticed, so every retweet or reblog or forum post or shout out is invaluable. The more notice Critter Cove gets the more opportunity we will have to blow the doors off this game.   

Can I customize my character?

Critter Cove has a massive character customization system. There are a huge number of options available so that you can make anything ranging from a human type or many different types of animal species. Or if you wish, mix and match to create something entirely new.

What activities are there to do in Critter Cove?

Exploring the world, trading cargo, doing missions for others, decorating cabins, collecting exhibit items for museum, treasure hunting, salvaging shipwrecks, swimming, digging up treasure, meeting new NPCs, upgrading your ship, and much, much more.

Can I customize my ship?

Yes, both inside and out. Change its paint job, upgrade it rails and sides, etc. You can also design her flag. Your cabin can be fully decorated and furnished to however you see fit. Help your crew mates collect things they like and they will customize their cabins as well.

Can I upgrade my ship?

There are shipwrights located in a few select ports which allow you to upgrade your ship. There are couple ways to upgrade your ship. The first way is to upgrade the components of you ship, engines, rudder, etc. The second is to build a whole new ship.

Are their collections?

The Royal Museum of Science, Nature and Stuff located on Happy Harbor is looking to fill out their exhibits. Help them complete all their collections.

How do I collect items to fill out a collection?

Some items you simple find, others will require more planning. Certain items are only available during particular times of day or seasons. Others need special equipment in order to find. Some will require skill and

careful planning to complete.

What is a port and what can I do there?

A port is a town that contains a mix of different types of shops and includes a trade hub. Not every port will have everything you need or want. Travel to different ports, its worth it. When you first arrive at a port it is low level and not everything is available. Trading goods will help these ports grow.

Who lives in these ports?

Ports are home to villagers who run the local shops. They can be befriended just like crew members.  You might be able to even convince some villagers to join your crew and work on your ship.

Can I trade goods between ports?

Different ports have different trade goods that they wish to by and sell. Buy low and sell high is a good way to make extra doubloons.

How do I explore new islands?

When you start the game a small portion of the world map will be unlocked. It is up to you to set sail into the uncharted waters and discover the unknown. 

What will I find on these unexplored islands?

Each island is unique to your own world and you never know what you might find. Buried treasure, island natives, castaways, rare collection items; just to name a few.

What types of events will there be?

The critters of Critter Cove celebrate lots of different holidays so expect to see their signs during the right time of the season. But also keep a watch on the local town crier to get the news of the day. You never know what might be happening around the world.

Can I make a suggestion?

We love to hear your ideas, critiques or random thoughts.  This game is for you so let us know what you are thinking.  You can contact us anyway you like Facebook, DM on twitter, send an email or put a message in a bottle, well maybe that last one only works in the game.

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