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What is Critter Cove?

AHOY, MATEYS! Critter Cove is an open world RPG set in a world of fantastical islands, crazy critters, and a world of exploration. You have been hired by the citizens of Critter Cove to help put their town on the map. Use your trusty salvage vessel and elite diving skills to find the resources needed from the ruins of an ancient civilization sunk beneath the wave and turn Critter Cove into a prosperous port town.

Critter Cove is currently in development and we're hard at work on a demo version of the game. Please join us on DISCORD, TWITTER, or sign up HERE for the latest news.


  • Discover and explore islands in an open world tropical setting.

  • Dive ruins and wrecks to collect resources and find treasure.

  • Upgrade and customize your ship.

  • Grow and upgrade your town to get new citizens and vendors to move in.

  • Collect different fish and creatures from all over the world and combine them to form new unique creatures.

  • Collect items from all over the world and donate them to the Royal Museum of Science, Nature and Stuff!

  • Find treasure maps to embark on special treasure hunts.

  • Make your cabin unique by decorating it with a wide variety of furnishings. Help your crew decorate theirs based on their tastes.

  • Fishing, digging, swimming, resource gathering, crafting, and much, much more.

Meet the Citizens

Critter Cove is full of  interesting characters for you to discover and befriend. With quirky personalities and special skills these unique characters are ready to move into your town. If you can keep your citizens happy they will shower you with gifts and praise, but if you can't they will let you know about it.


Explore the World

Chart your own course to adventure! Dive below the waves and salvage the ruins of a lost civilization. Discover an uninhabited island filled with unseen wonders. Rescue stranded sailors with harrowing tales. Get hired as a cruise ship for tourists. Buy an old treasure map from a dirty pirate and see where it leads. Help the Royal Museum complete their exhibits. Expect this and much, much more as you explore the world of Critter Cove.

Dive Below the Waves

Under water contains all sorts of resources and treasures that will have to be collected in order to help the port of Critter Cove grow. As a salvage captain it is your job to dive this sites and recover what is needed. Discovering and mapping these sites will be key to become the finest captain on the high seas. Overcoming their hidden dangers will be the key to collecting the treasures they have to offer.

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